From local box competitions to international throwdowns,
we empower your event with the energy of the leader.

Everything you need in a unique web-app

Directly from your Control Panel define all the parmameters of the competition: categories and divisions, registration fees, start and finish dates, score submission policy, finalists quotas and wildcards. Approve, reject or adjust submitted scores and export full statistics and detailed income reports.


Fast and easy

You set the date and hour of the registration opening/closing and our system will automatically let athletes register in few clicks. No need for them to re-enter all the personal details, they just login and select the event. And no more waste of time on lost e-mails: all the system notifications and payment receipts are always available in the athlete account.

Secure Payments

In order to keep your money safe, we partner with an international bank to handle all the athletes' payments for the registration to qualifications and finals. Athletes can pay with Credit Card, PayPal or any other payment tools supported by the payment processor. Online payments will be collected by our bank and stored in a secure escrow account until the time of payout.


Categories, divisions, teams.

For your competition you can set unlimited skill categories, for example Open, Scaled and Rx'd, along with multiple age divisions, for example Junior, Senior and Master. Athletes can choose their favorite category during the registration, while the system will automatically assign them to the proper age division. The same settings are available also for team competitions.

Score / Video rewievs

For qualifications and finals you can program any workouts and define the proper score type by choosing among presets: for time, for reps, for load, for max weight... In order to prevent mistakes and save a lot of time during the review, our smart system will check the consitency of the scores and do all the math for you! Video proof can also be set as mandatory or upon request.


Our exclusive leaderboard is designed to display the overall ranking at a glance, with detailed scores for each workout, and is optimized both for mobile devices and for desktop screens. You have separate leadeboards for qualifications and finals, that can be enabled or disabled at any time. Users can easily filter the results by category and search for specific athletes.

The finals


In every competition the next step after the score reviewing is the selection of the candidates for the finals. Our smart system assists you along the entire process making it as quick and hassle free as possible. All you have to do is to define the number of athletes in each category admitted to the finals. Based on the overall ranking, the system will generate a dynamic list of candidates.

Finalists invitation

Thanks to the list of candidates dynamically generated by the system, you have full control over the finalists invitation process. You can also add/remove someone from the list, accept the next candidates and send them a notification. Candidates who don't confirm within the specified deadline are automatically excluded and their spots are assigned to next candidates in the ranking.

The tools

Home Page

Beside the event management, online registration and ranking system, we provide a ready to use home page for your event, easily editable through your Control Panel without any programming skills. You can customize it with your logo, background images and preferred color scheme. You can also add your sponsors’ logos, videos and PDF attachments for a complete workouts description.

Online Store

A fully customizable store for your event comes for free with our home page. It is configurable from your Control Panel and allows you to start selling gadgets and tickets in minutes. It is also possible to define special products buyable only during the athlete registration process or directly from the athlete profile page, for example competitor’s packs or reduced tickets.


We have also some premium features designed to engage the spectators at your event's venue: a gigantic programmable timer and a live leaderboard with auto-scroll mode for real time ranking on jumbo screen, led-wall and projector. As if that were not enough, both the timer and the event leaderboard comes with an integrated digital advertising system to display sponsors' commercials.

All the plans starting from just

€ 250,00